Quiet Color: black Best friends: Ino, Naruto, and Chouji LOVE: Shino Story: Your name is Kairi, you were born of the Hyuga clan, you were shunned by your mother who threw you out after two years of training with Shizunae who took you in afterwards. Naruto:She's kind of weird, but really pretty... Sakura: I can't believe she's friends with Ino!!! Sasuke: She's quite beautiful....*blush* Chouji: she's like a sister to me *crunch* Ino: She's awesome and always agrees with me! Shikamaru: If Chouji likes her she can't be that bad, after all he is my best friend Shino: She's like a Japanese horned beetle... beautiful and strong *blushes madly* Hinata: I think she likes Shino?? Kiba: Haha Shino's got a crush on Kairi!! Hahahaha Akamaru: Ruff!Ruff! = hehehehehe Lee: She's fairly youthful... TenTen: *huh* Neji: she's very special... Kankuro: She's H-O-T! HOT!